When & Where Have You Been Successful?

  When you’re trying to be the best leader you can, it’s important to outline where and when you were successful in the past.  Here’s a question that will help you clarify the “when” of your past successes: WHAT EXACTLY happened before, during, and after my past successes?   Chris’s Leadership Success Story: Chris used this question to improve his …

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Choose Supporters, Not Saboteurs

Choose Supporters, Not Saboteurs Noticing who’s around when you’re successful can really help you find success. For example, if you have constant conflict with someone, ask yourself, “Is this person supportive of me? Is she a supporter? Or, is he a saboteur?” You can quickly and easily find solutions by recalling who is with you when you are most successful. Emulating …

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Where Are You Today and How Did You Get There?

Where Are You Today and How Did You Get There? If you’ve tried changing in some way and you’re succeeding, congratulations! Doesn’t it feel great? Reward yourself somehow. Whether you prefer a steak dinner, a massage, a night of dancing with your friends or an overnight stay at a hotel with your spouse or partner, give yourself some sort of pat …

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Ladies: Your Beliefs May Stop You From Being An Assertive Leader

Ladies: Your Beliefs May Stop You From Being An Assertive Leader Of course, being an assertive leader is critical to your success. Unless you are assertive, you won’t have the respect of your employees. Chances are, accountability will be lacking on your team. Here are six more reasons to remain assertive in your leadership role. If you don’t, problems repeat …

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10 Principles of Leadership Success

10 Principles of Leadership Success It’s a common scenario: an executive coaching client comes in highly motivated to meet personal and professional goals. He or she  sets up several sessions, pays up front, arrives early, and shows up ready, willing, and able to get to work. Then, the client drops the bombshell question: “Can you guarantee my results?” No. 1 …

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