Are You A Perfectionistic Leader? 5 Powerful Success Tips

Could you be a perfectionist? Do you determine your self-worth through your achievements? If you tend to identify with achievements such as winning trophies and awards, setting records, or being the very best, you might be a perfectionist.  A perfectionist may go to great lengths to try to protect his/her identity. Some even lose sleep and make themselves sick trying to …

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Leaders: Go From “Psyched Out” to Psychologically Equipped

Leaders today can get “psyched out” from the negative impact of today’s fast-paced, constant, large-scale change.  In this lean business climate, leaders face takeovers, mergers, cutbacks, and layoffs. More and more organizations are reducing their staff in order to save money. Highly mortgaged homes and other trappings of success create pressure to climb the corporate ladder in search of increased …

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Got Test Anxiety? Try These Powerful Tips!

  Many leadership positions today require professional licenses and certifications. And, certifications often involve exams. But, are you like me? Do you get a serious case of “the nerves” when you have to take one of those exams? How does anxiety hinder your ability to perform your best? Do you: Reread questions? Stare at the page because your mind goes …

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The Value of “To-Do” Lists

    Now, we’ve all heard the time management experts tell us to make a prioritized list of things we need to get done and work through it, right?  This appears to be a great idea in theory. The list makes the abstract concrete and tangible. It gives us positive reinforcement when we complete the tasks and cross them off …

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Using the DISC Assessment to Improve Your Leadership

Using the DISC Assessment to Improve Your Leadership Every great cook has a recipe book designed to help him/her make delicious dishes. These recipes guide the cook toward success. Wouldn’t it be great if you had such a guidebook for leading your team? The DISC is a very effective assessment tool that can give you that guidance. With the DISC, …

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