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You’ve worked hard to get to this point in your career and you’ve had some success along the way. But maybe you’ve hit a wall, lost your confidence or just want to take the next step. Check out AdvantEdge Success Coaching’s leadership coaching programs. We can help you take the next step, push through the wall or regain your confidence. You’ll become a better leader and your career and your company will flourish.

leadership coachingLeadership coaching will bring out your best and help you get the best out of your team. Even established business leaders face challenges that make them feel incompetent as leaders. At AdvantEdge Success Coaching we can help you develop a plan that employs strengths-based leadership to address these challenges and improve your overall effectiveness. That is the type of investment in yourself and your business that keeps on giving.

How can leadership coaching help you improve?

We can teach you to communicate more effectively with your peers. We can help you identify which characteristics are not strengths and then tailor a program to the ones that are. We can help you maintain the balance between being a leader and a manager or entrepreneur. We can help you determine the right approach to keep both customers and employees happy.

Leadership coaching can lead to a significant rise in your productivity, happiness and ability to lead. Your personal and business successes will multiply quicker than they ever have.

Lead with a positive impact and bring about your desired results!

Our leadership coaching program teaches the following:

  • Effective ways to manage time and stress
  • Conflict resolution and how do deal with difficult or “resistant” employees
  • Team/Meeting facilitation tools designed to motivate your team & align goals, resulting in improved performance and ROI
  • How to effectively manage change in turbulent times
  • Better leadership qualities to guide and coach any number of employees at any level
  • Improve your business etiquette, professionalism, & political savvy
  • Executive presence that commands the trust & confidence of others

Other HR Services like our Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Management Training, and Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI),  the DISC and Strengthsfinder Behavioral Assessments can help you help your supervisors, directors, or managers overcome many leadership challenges. We help your leaders manage stress by balancing work and personal obligations. We help them make effective use of time, plan, and set goals. And, all of this makes them much more productive.

Because the best leaders know themselves and work to maximize their strengths, AdvantEdge Success Coaching starts with the above assessment tools. These assessments also help determine the fit between the leader and his/her role in the organization. And, the better the fit between an employee and his/her role, the greater his/her job performance, commitment, satisfaction, and self-efficacy.

Shadowing allows the coach to see your supervisor,director, or manager in action. We provide feedback on the leader’s interpersonal skills by observing him/her as he/she facilitates a meeting, gives a presentation, handles grievances, conducts interviews or disciplinary meetings, or discusses sensitive issues with senior leadership.

The coach and client collaborate to create an individualized plan based on the client’s stated goals and from assessment results and shadowing information. Your leader’s individual development plan documents goals and objectives that will be met during the coaching experience. That plan may include improving communication skills or delegation skills, improving team productivity, interpersonal skills, decision-making, problem-solving, work/life balance, time/stress management, etc. We outline specific actions and measure progress toward them. This helps us evaluate whether coaching has been successful.

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