Leadership Development Audio-Recordings


These Leadership Development Audio-Recording Downloads can improve your leadership, build your confidence, and help you get to the next level!

executive coaching for women, confident female leader,leadership development audio-recordings, developing confidence in female leadersHow? They go beyond what any management training does. These Leadership Development Audio-Recordings address the blocks to your success. For example, thoughts/beliefs like, “I cant…” or “I’m too…”, or, “This is too difficult” can hold us back despite our best intentions. Attitudes/assumptions such as, “I’m not leadership material…” or  “This will never work,” or  conclusions such as “I don’t know how to …” can sabotage even your best efforts.

Our book & blog posts are packed with information, tools, & techniques. But, techniques, alone, cannot transform you into a success. To unlock your full “potential”, you need to address the underlying thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, and conclusions that block your progress. If you want success in the outer world, you must look at your inner world! Just as a gardener must look at the quality of his seeds, the soil, and the roots if he wants to produce an abundant harvest of fruits, you must also examine your inner dialogue if you want to produce successful actions and positive results. The trick is not to fill your head with more information. Instead, re-program your mind so that what you want to do/be/have is no longer “difficult” … but interesting, fun, & easy.

speaking for audience engagement, engage your audience, public speaking, leadership development audio-recordingsImagine what it would be like to be able to lead people rather than simply “manage” them. Would you like to be able to inspire and motivate people so that they want to do the things you ask them? Would you like to avoid having to force or coerce them? Imagine how much further you could go in your career, and in your life overall, if people looked up to and respected you as a great leader!

Our scientifically designed recordings will help you remove or at least neutralize negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, conclusions, & assumptions that prevent you from being your best. These powerfully transformational products re-wire your mind so that you think like the most successful leaders. As you listen to these Leadership Development Audio-Recordings, you will relax, visualize your desired outcomes, and receive several realistic, mind-altering affirmations. What’s most exciting is, you can change your mindset no matter how bad the programming! This extreme mind “makeover” can quickly transform you into the successful leader you want to be.


Do you NEED to improve your leadership skills in order to advance in your career?

Does leadership feel like a bit of a struggle?

Do you want to MOTIVATE and INFLUENCE people more positively?


These products are proven effective because they:

  • Use advanced human performance technologies
  • Combine powerful technologies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and whole brain learning.

This means you get the results you want…guaranteed. When you change your mindset, you change your life. This is truly leadership development —from the inside out! Finally, get out of your own way and achieve your goals today!

leadership development audio recordingsWhat else makes our Leadership Development Audio-Recordings unique?

  1. Industrial Organizational Psychology, applying psychology to business, people side of organizationsThey focus not just on the specific skills referred to in each title; they also target the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, and conclusions critical to developing those leadership skills; not just what the greatest leaders do, but also what they think!
  2. Each title includes 3 tracks. You get three recordings for the price of one! Track 1, Bedtime Bliss, relaxes you with ambient music, soothing nature sounds, and vocals. Track 2, Start Your Day in a Positive Way, is designed to be listened to immediately as you awaken to reinforce the concepts learned in track 1. Track 3, Reprogram While You Work & Play, is designed to maintain your goals when you listen to the recording as you drive, exercise, or conduct your every day activities

But, don’t take our word for it. Check out what these people have said about our recordings:

  • “I greatly admire Barbara Jordan’s approach to Personal Growth and Self-Hypnosis. She is extremely knowledgeable about psychological concepts and her great talent is clear in her Hypnosis products. She will help you achieve whatever you want in your life!
    Certified Master Hypnotherapist
  • “Barbara’s products changed my life in many different ways. I now have more confidence and belief in myself and my capability. I now believe that there is nothing impossible. I can use the law of attraction to meet my goals and remain successful. I’m still enjoying and getting a lot out of the Achieve Success in Spite of Stress recording. . . It makes a huge difference in my sleeping and in my mood the next day.”

    Janette Zimonick
    Marketing and Sales Professional
  • “I’m a hopelessly devoted entrepreneur. But, Barbara’s products have helped me evolve into an Idea-preneur. Now I’m making even more money with my ideas. I can actually say I’m a successful business owner now. It’s so easy to let other people’s negativity derail you in your pursuit of financial freedom. I would be extremely motivated, and then someone would say something negative to deflate my hopes. That’s why I started this program, and it’s been incredible! I’ve realized that everything that once was a possibility can now be reality.
    “. . . the recordings are really great, and have made a significant positive influence on my life. Thanks Barbara!”

You can have all of the best leadership tools, all the latest and greatest research at your fingertips. But, if you have a small, weak toolbox (i.e., a negative, non-supportive, dis-empowering mindset) you will lose those tools. If you haven’t been successful after attending several training sessions and paying expensive coaches or consultants, use these powerful recordings to help you overcome the negative, self-limiting beliefs blocking your progress. inspirational audio recording

For even more powerful results, we can provide you with a personalized recording. With an individualized CD, a script is specially created just for you. Every person is unique. A custom-made recording is as unique as you are, and is created specifically for you. The recording will address your specific challenge and use the power of your mind to help you improve.



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