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Free self-assessment quizzesAdvantEdge Success Coaching has many leadership development products like a book and Leadership Development Audio-recordings/CDs to help you achieve work-life balance and improve your leadership skills. One of those leadership success products is the time/stress management book entitled, “Leadership Success in Spite of Stress”. Other products include our new, improved leadership development audio-recordings designed specifically for leaders. A full description of these products can be found on the “Leadership Development Audio-Recordings” page.

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Leadership Development Products

Have you found yourself repeating phrases like these: “I never have enough time” “I can’t do it all” or “The stress is awful!” Do you feel like you’re racing the clock? Are expectations placed upon you creating conflict & pressure? Well, don’t fear. The powerful leadership success tools in “Leadership Success in Spite of Stress” will enable you to manage your stress, balance your life, & control your time.

Have you climbed the corporate ladder of success only to find that you don’t like the view? Or have you been obsessed pursuing career goals that, once achieved, don’t live up to their promises? Well, you’re not alone. Many ambitious, aspiring people like you are realizing that professional success doesn’t ensure happiness. The inspirational stories of clients’ successes in “Leadership Success in Spite of Stress” can help you achieve your goals and redefine happiness.

Although business leaders prioritize family, health, friends, spirituality, and “down-time”, many agree that they spend too much time at-and give too much attention to-work. They struggle at balancing work, family, and recreation. This imbalance takes its toll. Consistently putting in long hours can strain relationships, shorten lives, and limit memories to those of work. This working too much can interfere with personal happiness and success. Habitual, self-defeating beliefs and behaviors create problems that carry over from professional into personal life and vice versa.

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Most people seem happy, yet they fret over how much they have to do and how little time they have. In a recent CNN.com survey of over 1,000 employees, 46 percent said they felt overworked somehow, with 28 percent complaining that they felt overwhelmed by how much work they had to do and 29 percent stating that they felt they had no time to stop and reflect on their work. Interestingly, 75 percent of executives surveyed report that they spend their weekends fulfilling work duties, sending and receiving e-mail, “taking work home with them … and poring over their papers.”

“If you are tired of stress and ready for success, then this practical new book is an absolute must read.”-Dr. John Demartini, Bestselling author of “The Breakthrough Experience-A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation.”

“My experience in leading and managing people over 40+ years affirm that this book is a necessary resource for anyone experiencing stress. Far too many people fail because they allow unnecessary stress to limit their ability to lead, their innate creativity, or the required energy for the position they hold. Since we can’t eliminate stress altogether, Barbara gives people several tools for success to reach their full potential.”
-Jack Riopelle, President of Riopelle & Associates, consulting in Strategic Thinking/Strategic Planning

“Whether you’re a Type A, B, or Z personality you’ll find this book amazingly helpful.  Mastering stress precedes success and Barbara Jordan leads you on a journey of self-exploration that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.”  -Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

“Barbara Jordan’s new book offers a refreshing positive focus on and powerful tools for thriving in the life that comes with your success.” Susan Colantuono, CEO of Leading Women and author of No Ceiling, No Walls.


Download these FREE self-assessment quizzes from the book to get a quick snap-shot of how well you are doing in each of these areas.

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