Leadership Success in Spite of Stress Book

Leadership Success in Spite of Stress
by Barbara Jordan

leadership strategies book, management training book, self-help for leaders, leadership success in spite of stress bookAre you striving for leadership success in spite of personal and professional stress? Long hours, tight deadlines, family obligations, no time to exercise, eat, sleep well, or reflect. Does this sound familiar? In Leadership Success in Spite of Stress, executive coach and leadership trainer, Barbara Jordan offers her 20+ years of experience coaching business leaders and professionals struggling with demanding work schedules. She’ll help you seek balance for a fulfilling personal life and successful career.

This book will help you work smarter. With the checklists and self-assessments contained in this book, you will pinpoint the exact thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, conclusions, and behaviors you need to eliminate to find the time for yourself and your personal life as well as the efficiency and confidence necessary to work more successfully. The hands-on, practical information in this book shows you how to evaluate your thinking and behavior and challenge those self-defeating beliefs sabotaging your success. Get out of your own way and, finally, meet that long sought-after goal that seems beyond your reach!

Do you have these stress-producing habits?

  • Trying to do as much as possible in the least amount of time?
  • Failing to delegate or refusing to ask for help?
  • Seeking others’ approval, respect, and admiration?
  • Constantly checking your watch, your clock, your email or voicemail?
  • Feeling driven to improve your position or stockpile your achievements?
  • Spreading yourself too thin?
  • Having little time for recreation, relaxation, or self-care?
  • Continually multi-tasking?
  • Driving yourself and others mercilessly?
  • Getting involved in multiple projects without finishing what’s already started?


With this book you will learn how to:

  • Overcome the obstacles that block your way to success
  • Pace yourself and learn how to delegate the right projects to the right people
  • Change your way of thinking and open doors to a new you
  • Create an inner dialogue that supports, empowers, and encourages you
  • Surround yourself with supportive, not sabotaging people
  • Plan, prioritize, and organize your life to meet deadlines
  • Manage your time, your stress, your life by focusing more on the important, less on the urgent
  • Deal with constant change positively and productively
  • Achieve and maintain balance in your life
  • Preserve your confidence and control “under fire”


Finally, Barbara gives leaders a way to achieve success in a healthy and empowering way. With personal and professional goals clarified and values and priorities identified, you will improve your leadership performance, leaving you with renewed excitement about your work and increased satisfaction

This step-by-step book allows leaders to manage their stress and manage their time by looking at their negative, self-limiting beliefs, challenging those beliefs to be more positive and self-supportive, and achieving work-life balance with several positive habits. The book includes 20 questions that help you clarify your goals and reach solutions to the most difficult stress/time management situations. It also includes a chapter on the power of the subconscious mind and programming your mind toward success via self-hypnosis.


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