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AdvantEdge Success Coaching Leadership Training Materials & Curriculum

AdvantEdge Success Coaching Leadership Training Materials & Curriculum are designed to help leaders at all levels improve their leadership by developing specific behaviors through highly interactive activities. Our Leadership Training materials include 9 courses for facilitator-led training workshops. All of these courses for Microsoft Office and Soft Skills training can be easily customized: mix and match training topics between courses, add new content, and even re-brand as your own. We offer training modules that cover a variety of leadership training topics – such as facilitating productive meetings and servant leadership – that can help leaders develop within your company.

Our Training Library is complete, with:

  • Facilitator Guide
  • Power Point Slides
  • Small Group Activities
  • Written Reflection Exercises
  • Participant Handouts

By incorporating “real-play” role-palys, our curriculum don’t just teach participants what to do; they also do what they learn. Our training allows leaders to apply their new knowledge to their own leadership challenges in real time. This is NOT your typical management training!

What makes AdvantEdge Success Coaching Leadership Training Curriculum & Materials unique? First of all, it is one of the only programs by women, for women. It is uniquely designed for female leaders and has an interactive, inside-out, experiential, accelerated learning approach using role-play practice and peer-coaching. We begin with assessments such as the DISC, Leading with Strengths assessment, and the LPI 360-feedback tool. Assessment results are reflected in each client’s individualized leadership development plan. Included in each management training session are role-playing/peer-coaching exercises wherein program participants apply skills (right then and there) to their unique situation so that they are engaged, motivated, and committed to putting tools in place immediately.

Often leadership development is seen as a training “event”. But, to have a significant impact on organizational leadership, the focus must be on continuous efforts to maintain effective leadership behaviors. Built into each of these training sessions are opportunities for role-play practice and peer coaching. This helps keep that momentum going. Follow-up discussions and between-session assignments that apply to your particular challenges create additional depth of learning that take our training events from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have”.

Participants learn not just what successful leaders DO, but also how successful leaders THINK. After all, you can have the greatest leadership “tools” in the world, but if you have a weak, small “toolbox” (as in the wrong mindset), you have a problem. Unlike any other training programs out there, we target how you think: self-limiting and dis-empowering beliefs, self-defeating or self-sabotaging habits, and lack of self-confidence. These factors have a dramatic effect on both the success of the organization and the effectiveness of a leader. We believe that your leadership in the “outer world” can only grow to the extent that you examine your “inner world” (beliefs about and attitudes toward leadership).

Super-Learning methods in our Leadership Development Curriculum & Materials allow the participants to learn faster, remember more, and have more fun. Audience involvement is central to  each module.

“Break through the Glass Ceiling” Leadership Training Series:

1) Business Etiquette, Professionalism, & Political Savvy

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How do you make sure you don’t say or do the wrong thing in a business setting? Does the pressure to conduct business with charm and savvy keep you up at night? Researchers and business experts agree that people with strong professional/business etiquette and political savvy are consistently the most successful in their organization. They’re held in the highest regard by their superiors, peers, co-workers, and subordinates.


Giving you concrete advice that will help you in specific situations, this workshop includes several powerful image strategies you can use immediately. It includes interactive, experiential activities with the option of follow-up coaching. Participants learn through lecture, small group exercises, and role-play practice. We stress learning by doing, incorporating real-life situations, assessments, & activities.


Benefits of Attending:

  • Survive and thrive in today’s competitive business world.
  • Make a great impression on others.
  • Excel as a leader in your business.
  • Gain significant advantage over your competition for that elusive promotion
  • Come across as the polished professional you really are
  • Encourage others to do business with you—because they’ll find doing so easy and enjoyable


Learning Objectives:

  • Master Professional Business Etiquette
  • Develop Professional Success Habits
  • Increase Seven Forms of Political Power/Savvy
  • Practice Valuable Networking Skills
  • Create Your 30-Second Elevator Pitch

“Break through the Glass Ceiling” Leadership Training Series:

2) Change Management in Uncertain Times


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Restructuring…downsizing…mergers and acquisitions…rapidly evolving technology…There’s no escaping change these days. But, while upper management is busy stirring things up, your employees are left shaken and unsure. With so much uncertainty surrounding them, people cannot help getting a little frayed at the edges. In this shaky economy, fear and worry run high in the workplace. And when that happens, performance declines.


This powerful one-day workshop is the perfect antidote to the stress brought on by an unpredictable working climate. You will gain the resilience you need to succeed when facing rapid change. And you will develop the skills to help roll with the resistance—and bounce back from obstacles. Ongoing changes may be taking their toll on your team. Be the kind of positive, productive leader your employees will want to follow. Develop in yourself and your staff the skills to keep you focused and effective. Increase productivity, renew the commitment to quality, and improve teamwork. You’ll learn tools you can use immediately. But more importantly, you’ll practice those skills via role-plays.


Benefits of Attending:

  • Let go of need to resist workplace change
  • Appreciate change and the opportunities it presents
  • Thrive under pressure of constant change
  • Learn why change management is so critical
  • Identify problems suggesting need for organizational change
  • Discover why change efforts can fail
  • Understand reasons people resist change
  • Define Your Change Management Strategy


Topics Covered:

  • Traits of successful change efforts
  • Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model
  • Phases & Guidelines for planning change

“Break through the Glass Ceiling” Leadership Training Series:

3) Coaching “Difficult” Employees: Resolving Conflict without Harming Relationships

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Do any of your employees procrastinate? Waste time? Display a negative attitude? Complain and blame? Bring personal problems to work? As a manager, you seldom accomplish anything unless your employees do. Your “people skills” or influence over people is as important as your technical knowledge. This workshop will help you overcome these negative behaviors so you can work more productively and stop wasting time on games people play.


Conflict with others may be inevitable. But, anger, grudges, hurt, resentment, and blame are not. Conflict can actually be healthy for an organization if you follow the principles taught here. Dealing with “difficult” personalities at work can waste a lot of time if you don’t know how to do it. This workshop will teach you several ways to resolve, and even prevent difficult encounters.


Here is a sample of what you will learn:

  • Common misperceptions leading to difficult people
  • Where & when difficult situations arise
  • Are they difficult or just different? Using the DISC to identify your own style as well as the potential for conflicts with “difficult” people
  • Ways in which we create difficult encounters & how to prevent them
  • Types of difficult people & how to cope with them
  • Dealing with potentially difficult conversations
  • Using active listening, “I” statements, and DESC feedback model to manage your anger and be more effective with others
  • Maintain composure and control-even when someone gets “in your face”


Immediate Benefits, Skills that you can put to work immediately!

  • Develop strategies for coping with 6 different difficult-to-work-with types
  • Understand the “difficult” people in your life and know what to do and say
  • Control your own and others’ anger so it doesn’t control you
  • Demonstrate assertiveness, not aggression or passivity so you stop being a target
  • Learn time-tested communication, feedback, and collaborative problem-solving skills to bring out the best in others

“Break through the Glass Ceiling” Leadership Training Series:

4) Extreme Leadership Makeover:

Mindsets of the Most Successful

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At the Extreme Leadership Makeover program, you’ll do the important foundational work of cleaning up your leadership mindsets (the level of leadership that you deep-down believe you deserve) AND learn practical strategies to master the skillsets of leadership too. This life-changing course has already helped 100s of clients.


You’ll learn:

  • The real reason why even the best leaders can get de-railed … and then bounce back stronger than ever (despite challenges)
  • The best way to permanently change your results …
including your leadership success
  • The critical first element of change that you must have before you can ever hope to increase your career success
  • One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they feel fear, discomfort, doubt, or inconvenience … and what you should do instead


Immediate Benefits:

  • Learn the Universal Formula for Achieving Results
  • Discover How to Change Your Programming/conditioning to Ensure Success
  • Not Just what Successful Leaders Do But Also What They Think
  • Top Mindsets of the Most Successful Leaders
  • 3 Powerful Steps to Changing Your Mindsets
  • 5 Keys to Translating Desire to Success
  • Apply what you learn right then & there with engaging exercises!


Leadership Training

“Break through the Glass Ceiling” Series:

5) Facilitating Productive Meetings

& Teams to Achieve Results

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Have you ever sat through a meeting thinking, “What a waste of time”? As you tap your fingers and stare at the clock, you can’t help but wonder, “Why do I need to be here? What am I supposed to contribute? Who’s in charge? What’s the point?”


Unproductive meetings waste time, frustrate people and sap their motivation. It is aggravating to sit through poorly planned meetings. They put you further and further behind in your work. Fortunately, there is a powerful program that will help you—and everyone you work with—run more effective, efficient meetings. This program will help your team, department—maybe even your entire organization—run more focused, on-target, effective meetings.


Skills and strategies provided:

  • Clarifying roles…so everyone knows what they are expected to “bring to the table”
  • How to decide who should (and shouldn’t) be at your meeting
  • Who needs what, by when? Ways to develop and distribute support materials prior to your meeting
  • Powerful facilitation skills to keep meetings fast-paced and focused on results
  • Managing conflict: knowing when to step in and help people resolve it… and when to let them work out issues on their own
  • How to make sure meeting start on time…what to do about latecomers…sidetalk…and other disruptions
  • Proven brainstorming methods that lead to more and better new ideas
  • 3 excellent questions to ask at the end of any meeting for “closure”


Immediate benefits:

  • Keep meetings focused and on schedule
  • Encourage participation from everyone in the room
  • Keep people interested and involved
  • Foster creativity and brainstorm with better results
  • Resolve conflicts that arise
  • Make group decisions faster


Experiential exercises are fun and engaging, facilitated to support your goals and drive business results.


Leadership Training

“Break through the Glass Ceiling” Series:

6) Fire ‘em Up without Burning Out: Stress/Time Management

As a leader, you’re not only responsible for what you do. You’re also responsible for what your employees do. How do you give your people the support they need to do their jobs while at the same time accomplishing your own work? How do compose yourself when you get angry with employees who don’t do their jobs? Or get frustrated with leaders who give you more work than you think you can handle? The answer is: by learning valuable stress and time management skills taught in this workshop. The only way to survive—and thrive—in today’s workplace is not to get rid of stress but to increase your ability to handle it! This workshop will help you do just that.


The skills and strategies learned here can reduce work stressors, improve your performance, and make your job more fulfilling and enjoyable. You’ll gain a powerful new approach to managing demanding work responsibilities.


Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand the connection between thoughts, feelings, and workplace behavior and stress
  • Maintain your composure on the job and improve working relationships
  • Learn how to balance work, personal, and family obligations
  • Prioritize, plan, & stick to it!
  • Focus on the activities with the biggest payoff
  • Stop micro managing and delegate effectively
  • Stay productive and positive rather than overwhelmed


  • Review common physiological, mental/emotional, and behavioral signs of stress
  • Identifying personal stressors & personal stress-relievers
  • Remove barriers to coping in high-speed, high-tech, ever-changing, complex world via specific solutions
  • Outline time management problems & ways to solve them
  • Align your values, priorities, and goals with your behavior
  • Discover the importance of balance
  • Identify and challenge stress-producing beliefs so you don’t sabotage your own success

Leadership Training

“Break through the Glass Ceiling” Series:

7) Leading with Emotional Intelligence

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The world of work is changing every day. In most companies, there are fewer people doing more work. Sure, technical competence is important. But skills like working as part of a team, leading others, and managing emotions have become even more critical. As you face the pressures of increased work demands with tighter deadlines and fewer resources, you’re likely to find yourself in situations where it’s critical to control your emotions. Understanding and improving the connection between emotions and behavior is crucial to business and personal success.


Recent studies indicate that emotional intelligence is a powerful key to effective leadership. Learn how to apply emotional intelligence to specific situations to gain authority and success. Understand how emotions affect your job performance and learn practical techniques to manage them. Enhance your self-awareness and make emotions work for you (not against you) to build more productive relationships.


Benefits of this workshop include:

  • Gain emotional self-control to improve at-work behavior & performance
  • Identify your current level of emotional intelligence: strengths & areas of improvement
  • Learn how to defuse tense situations and improve or preserve relationships
  • Maintain composure & control so you can negotiate & resolve disagreements
  • Make a business case for psychologically healthy (emotionally intelligent-E.I.) workplace
  • Understand the connection between emotions & decisions so you make better choices
  • Realize how to prevent on-the-job angry, upset thoughts from hurting your career
  • Gain Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, & Self-Control
  • Increase your Motivation/Achievement Drive
  • Develop Communication Skills such as Empathy/Active Listening, & Assertiveness

Leadership Training

“Break through the Glass Ceiling” Series:

8) Master of Motivation & Influence

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Are you frustrated by resistance or lack of change among employees or co-workers? Do you sometimes want change more than they do? Have you talked to people until you were “blue in the face” and they still don’t seem to listen? The solution: Listen to them so they listen to you! As Stephen Covey says: “Seek first to understand”… Effective leaders are great empathetic, active listeners. In this one day intensive training, you will learn how to listen, engage, and motivate others. Interactive exercises, live demos, video and real-play practice ensure that you not only learn what to do, but also do what you learn! Develop the ability to encourage people and apply methods in your everyday work situations—resolving conflict with employees/co-workers, meeting customers/clients’ needs, negotiating win-win agreements, and handling performance reviews/feedback smoothly. Develop a non-judgmental, non-confrontational, yet take-charge approach.

Training Benefits:

  • Learn how to motivate employees and clients to make positive changes
  • Respond to people who dig in their heels
  • Bring out the best in others
  • Give feedback without harming relationships
  • Overcome resistance to change

 Key Learning Objectives:

  • Express empathy so people cooperate
  • Point out discrepancies between words & actions (without judgment) to encourage insight
  • Roll with “resistance” rather than argue; this avoids conflict
  • Support employees’/clients’ self-confidence while increasing their readiness and ability to change
  • Practice active listening skills
  • Overcome a person’s ambivalence & procrastination; gain commitment by clarifying their desires, abilities, reasons, & needs

Leadership Training

“Break through the Glass Ceiling” Series:

9) Motivating Employees to Peak Performance

 leadership development training materials curriculum, leadership coaching for women, management training, break through your glass ceiling, AdvantEdge Success Coaching

Do you have performance problems with your employees? Perhaps they don’t know why they should do their work or how to do it? Maybe personal problems get in the way of their doing their job? Or, perhaps they think your way won’t work or that their way is better? As a manager, you seldom accomplish anything unless your employees do. Your “people skills” are as important, sometimes even more important, than your technical knowledge. This workshop will help you identify these performance problems and motivate your employees to higher levels of achievement. Learn how to deliver feedback without arousing resentment or hurting the working relationship. Discover how to overcome resistance and inspire people to improve.


Based on a coaching model, this program will teach you the same proven motivational techniques perfected by the most successful athletic coaches. Great coaches inspire great achievement. They expect improvement, and hold others accountable. Add to your current leadership skills excellent coaching skills for incredible results! You’ll learn, set-by-step, how to produce a “game plan” that helps your team “keep the ball in your court” and meet your goals.


Immediate Benefits of the WORKshop:

  • Learn how to motivate employees through principles of motivational psychology
  • Develop listening skills that engage and encourage collaboration
  • Learn how to overcome resistance and ambivalence
  • Identify ways to motivate by supporting employee’s desires, abilities, reasons, needs, confidence, & commitment
  • Discover how to motivate through goal-setting, praise, and reprimands
  • Explore reasons employees fail to perform and what to do about it
  • List 6 powerful rules of constructive feedback
  • Apply a 4-step feedback model for successfully coaching employees to improved performance


Our curriculum developer and trainer, Barbara, is an energetic mom of 3 adventurous young men, a successful entrepreneur, a captivating author and a true inspiration to many. Whether it is for an audience of 5, 50 or 500, she is the Speaker of Choice who has inspired thousands of individuals to “Develop Leadership Skills From the Inside Out.” As a highly sought-after speaker, Barbara has delivered powerful, life-changing messages, encouraging her audiences to identify what is holding them back and removing their blocks so they can break through their own “glass ceilings”, creating a positive impact in their work and personal lives.

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Our unique brand of training provides women’s leadership development from the inside out; more than just skillsets–mindsets too; beyond information to transformation; not just what great leaders do, but also how they think!

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