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Extreme Leadership Makeover: Mindsets of the Most Successful

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Key Learning Objectives:

  • Universal Formula for Achieving Results
  • How to Change Your Programming to ensure success
  • Not just what Successful Leaders do but also what they Think…
  • Top Mindsets of the Most Successful Leaders
  • 3 Powerful Steps to Changing Your Mindsets
  • 5 Keys to Translating Desire to Success
  • Apply what you learn right then & there with engaging exercises

AdvantEdge Success Coaching Training

Our training is designed to help leaders at all levels improve their leadership by developing specific leadership behaviors through highly interactive experiential learning activities. By participating in “real-plays”, our attendees don’t just learn what to do; they also do what they learn. Our training events allow leaders to apply their new knowledge to their own leadership challenges in real time.

What makes AdvantEdge Success Coaching’s Women’s Leadership Development program unique? It has an interactive, inside-out, experiential, accelerated learning approach using peer-coaching. We begin with assessments such as the DISC, Leading with Strengths assessment, and the LPI 360-feedback tool. Assessment results are reflected in each client’s individualized leadership development plan. Included in each management training session are role-playing/peer-coaching exercises wherein program participants apply skills (right then and there) to their unique situation so that they are engaged, motivated, and committed to putting tools in place immediately.

Often leadership development is seen as a training “event”. But, to have a significant impact on organizational leadership, the focus must be on continuous efforts to develop effective leadership behaviors. Peer coaching also maintains momentum. Follow-up discussions and assignments that apply to your particular challenges create additional depth of learning that take our training events from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have”.

Participants learn not just what successful leaders DO, but also how successful leaders THINK. After all, you can have the greatest leadership “tools” in the world, but if you have a weak, small “toolbox” (mindset), you have a problem. Unlike any other training programs out there, we target how you think- self-limiting and dis-empowering beliefs, self-defeating or self-sabotaging habits, and lack of self-confidence. These factors have a dramatic effect on both the success of the organization and the effectiveness of a leader. We believe that your leadership can only grow to the extent that you do.

Super-Learning methods allow the participants to learn faster, remember more, and have more fun. Audience involvement is central to our training events because the more the audience does, the more they retain their learning.

Another Popular Training Program in

AdvantEdge Success Coaching Training

Leadership Series: Master of Motivation & Influence

Are you frustrated by resistance or lack of change among employees or co-workers? Do you sometimes want change more than they do? Have you talked to people until you were “blue in the face” and they still don’t seem to listen? The solution: Listen to them so they listen to you! As Stephen Covey says: “Seek first to understand”… Effective leaders are great empathetic, active listeners. In this one day intensive training, you will learn how to listen, engage, and motivate others. Interactive exercises, live demos, video and real-play practice ensure that you not only learn what to do, but also do what you learn! Develop the ability to encourage people and apply methods in your everyday work situations—resolving conflict with employees/co-workers, meeting customers/clients’ needs, negotiating win-win agreements, and handling performance reviews/feedback smoothly. Develop a non-judgmental, non-confrontational, yet take-charge approach.

Training Benefits:

  • Learn how to motivate employees and clients to make positive changes
  • Respond to people who dig in their heels
  • Bring out the best in others
  • Give feedback without harming relationships
  • Overcome resistance to change

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Express empathy so people cooperate
  • Point out discrepancies between words & actions (without judgment) to encourage insight
  • Roll with “resistance” rather than argue; this avoids conflict
  • Support employees’/clients’ self-confidence while increasing their readiness and ability to change
  • Practice active listening skills
  • Overcome a person’s ambivalence & procrastination; gain commitment by clarifying their desires, abilities, reasons, & needs


AdvantEdge Success Coaching Training

Our trainer, Barbara, is an energetic mom of 3 adventurous young men, a successful entrepreneur, a captivating author and a true inspiration to many. Whether it is for an audience of 5, 50 or 500, she is the Speaker of Choice who has inspired thousands of individuals to “Develop Leadership Skills From the Inside Out.” As a highly sought-after speaker, Barbara has delivered powerful, life-changing messages, encouraging her audiences to identify what is holding them back and removing their blocks so they can break through their own “glass ceilings”, creating a positive impact in their work and personal lives.

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Our unique brand of training provides women’s leadership development from the inside out; more than just skillsets–mindsets too; beyond information to transformation; not just what great leaders do, but also how they think!

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