What is Organizational Psychology?

What is Organizational Psychology?Bringing Psychology to Work to Improve the People Side of Your Business!

Organizational Psychology is a field that studies and implements techniques to improve the health of organizations by enhancing the satisfaction, performance, and well-being of the people they employ. In the industrial world, we often overlook the fact that human behavior inside the workplace is much different from that on the outside. Not only is each individual employee unique, but organizations and entire companies, have their own personalities.

At every stage of an organization’s life, the leadership must be aware of the mental and emotional state of its company through its employees. Being able to identify the team members who have a positive affect on their fellow employees, those who perform well, is necessary in your role as a leader. These “star employees”, and their interaction with their co-workers, can have a profound effect on the performance, productivity and profit of that group. Furthermore, a keen awareness of a group’s personality will help you when selecting new staff to fit the culture of an existing team.

Industrial Organizational PsychologyWhether an opening is due to attrition or due to growth within the company, seeking to fill a position is critical. Every member of a team brings a particular flavor to the group, and making the wrong choice can easily disrupt the group. Best-case scenario, you’ll find a compatible candidate who will improve the morale of the group. Worst-worst case scenario, you’ll find someone whose incompatibility negatively impacts the productivity of the group and causes internal strife.

The best of these possibilities can be realized by utilizing an Industrial Organizational Psychologist. First, this behavior analyst can apply the DISC, Strengthsfinder, 360, EQ, and other assessments to profile individual personality preferences/traits/strengths/weaknesses of your leaders and employees. The outcome you can expect is making better, more sound decisions based on these assessments.

What else can an Industrial Organizational Psychologist teach you?

  • how to properly evaluate the performance of your team as well as each individual employee inside that team.
  • how to provide performance feedback in a positive and impactful way
  • how best to coach the individual to greater performance while encouraging and driving them to greater achievement
  • how to present your expectations and advise them on how to improve without damaging the morale of the individual
  • the best methods by which you can train your team


Introducing new concepts and methodology can always be tricky, as some team members may not respond well to change. But in the ever-changing world of business we work in today, it is important to be adaptable and ready to take on new challenges as they come. New hardware, software, and procedures will keep you and your team on your toes. Knowing how to properly train them in these areas while keeping them feeling good about these changes are some of the fundamental aspects taught by I/O Psychologists.

As any good leader knows, the one aspect of working with a team is learning how to handle occupational stress. As you work with your team and oversee their health and progress, it is imperative that you make sure that stress is managed. Stress can impact a team negatively, causing conflict between members, a distinct drop in morale, and even illness if it’s too much for too long. But, it can also energize a team while challenging it to improve people, policies, or practices. Keeping in mind the techniques taught by Industrial Organizational psychology will see to it that you and your team excel for many years to come!

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