Women’s Leadership Training

Women’s Leadership Training (curriculum & materials):

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  • Business Etiquette, Professionalism, & Political Savvy
  • Change Management in Turbulent Times
  • Coaching “Difficult” Employees Without Harming the Relationship
  • Driven Yet Distracted? Smart but Scattered? Get Focused Now!
  • Facilitating Productive Meetings and Teams to Achieve Results
  • Fire ’em Up Without Burning Out: Stress & Time Management
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Motivating Employees to Peak Performance
  • Master of Influence & Motivation
  • Women Leaders: Break Through Your Glass Ceiling!


What does it cost your company when you fail to train ineffective leaders?

  • One to four times a leader’s salary
  • Poor decisions that have a huge financial impact
  • Terminating an executive may result in paying out a severance package, hiring a replacement, lost productivity in the succession process, and legal costs if the individual feels that she was terminated unfairly.

Our Women’s Leadership Training, Workshops & Seminars build leadership skills to help your team work together better and improve your bottom line.

Our women’s Leadership Training has an individualized, inside-out, experiential, accelerated learning approach using a peer-coaching model. What makes it unique? It’s focused on assessments such as DISC, Strengthsfinder, and 360-feedback as well as individualized leadership development plans. As a part of each facilitator led-session, you participate in dyads or small group peer-coaching wherein you apply training (right then and there) to your unique work/life situation. This engages and motivates you to use what you learn immediately. Time-spaced modules allow skill practice between sessions. Pre- and post-work assignments also encourage application of the materials. This takes the training from a “nice-to-have” to a “gotta-have”.

Thank you for providing such an excellent training program.  I  attended your training on “Business Etiquette”.  I am excited  to share with you that I was able to use a technique the you suggested. During a recent committee meeting, Gloria closed her eyes and was  shaking her head while I was speaking, (she usually makes faces), so I said, “Excuse me, is what I am saying inappropriate”? she stopped what  she was doing, it worked!  I also feel much more confidence in  myself. With much appreciation, Lois.

Super-Learning methods allow you to learn faster, remember more, and have more fun. Audience involvement is central to our Leadership training because the more the audience does, the more effective their learning. Utilizing experiential activities such as small group discussions, role-plays, brain-storming sessions, and case study exercises, the curriculum evolves from concepts to everyday workplace skill development and application. Self-assessment and individual leadership development plans are used from the very beginning and at multiple points throughout the program. This encourages learners to identify their own needs and measure progress to determine whether they have met those needs/goals.

We often get promoted due to our technical expertise and our length of experience and level of knowledge. We start our new roles as leaders being very good at what we do. But we also need great people skills required to lead others to do what we once did. Our Leadership training focuses on these “soft skills”. Facilitating meetings, delegating, evaluating performance, holding  difficult conversations, dealing with conflict, influencing others, and motivating employees/teams seldom develop naturally.

It turns out, life at the top really is lonely. As you move up to the executive level, feedback from colleagues and employees becomes increasingly important, yet less frequent, more and more political, and less reliable. People are often biased, seldom totally objective. As you advance, support and guidance from others also diminishes. Therein lies the value of our training and executive coaching.

Benefits of our Women’s Leadership Training:

  • Improved performance, productivity, & profit of the organization
  • An alternative to termination, eliminating the cost of replacing employees
  • A positive work climate via enhanced leadership effectiveness and organizational culture
  • Increased employee motivation at all levels
  • Improved “people” side of business through increased emotional intelligence among leaders
  • Reduced stress due to time management and working smarter, not harder
  • Work-family-personal life balance

Increase Performance, Productivity, & Profit with our Leadership Training

Our Women’s Leadership Training programs are explained in greater detail on the AdvantEdge Success Coaching Events page.

Motivating Employees to Peak Performance

Change Management In Uncertain Times

Emotional Intelligence at Work


Fire ’em Up Without Burning Out


Facilitating Productive Meetings & Teams to Achieve Results

Managing “Difficult” Employees: Resolving Conflict Without Harming Relationships

Our speaker, Barbara, is a devoted wife, an energetic mom of 3 adventurous young men, a successful entrepreneur, a captivating author and a true inspiration to many. Whether it is for an audience of 5, 50 or 500, she is the Speaker of Choice who has inspired thousands of individuals to “Develop Leadership Skills From the Inside Out.” As a highly sought-after speaker, Barbara has delivered powerful, life-changing messages, encouraging her audiences to identify what is holding them back and removing their blocks so they can break through their own “glass ceilings”, creating a positive impact in their work and personal lives.

Barbara has over 20 years of experience actively engaging both large and small size audiences from a wide range of industries including the Girl Scouts of Great Lakes, Women in Management, American Counseling Association, Wisconsin Counseling Association, Brown County Human Services, Oneida Nation, American Cancer Society, Management Women, A.C. Nielsen, Lord’s Dental, ITT Tech, Rasmussen College, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Shawano Medical Center, Servant Leadership of Wisconsin, Mid-Day Women’s Alliance, Green Bay Schools, City of Green Bay, Goodwill Industries, & Prevea Sports Medicine

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